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The Millennial Workforce of T20s and HR Challenges :

Topics covered : Talent Acquisition in an Age of Artificial Intelligence; Technology in Recruitment; Talent Management and Retention; Future Trends in Reward Management; Challenges in Engaging the Next-gen Workforce; Cultural Diversity; Redefining the Individual-Organization Fit for the Future.

Going by the pace of technology development it seems imminent that HR will go tech-enabled to AI-enabled and the difference will be signi cant that the employee experience will be positively impacted, will enhance HR delivery and will enable HR to demonstrate greater business relevance and accountability. Workforce planning, workforce mobility, changing social needs and a continually evolving employment contract between employee and employer, will continue to shift exponentially. HR will need to develop comfort with a mixed workforce comprising temps, part-timers and freeters. People will want to choose where and when they work and what they want to do and what they will not. There will be lesser pressure on conforming and a greater need for choices. This will also challenge capability development, investment in skills, engagement of a distributed and dynamic workforce, compensation models and leadership of such a workforce.

The future younger generation will quite be accustomed to tech-driven devices that ought to be user-friendly and they would reject anything that does not have a smart or digital functionality. This coupled with their unpredictably changing needs, aspirations and expectations are going to compel the future HR managers to replace the faddish HR practices with machine-driven people processes in order to retain the blue-eyed genre of millennial youngster armored with a tantalizing array of technological skills.

Industry 4.0 & Future of HR

Re-Aligning Workforce & Workplace for the Decade T20-T30

Changes are integral to every field and therefore, management of industry and business, especially its unique pillar viz. HR cannot stay aloof from them. Business ecosystem has been witnessing rapid and unpredictable transformation every now and then and it has deconstructed and metamorphosed, beyond imagination, the way HR has been managed for the purpose of business.