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Leveraging Technology for Learning and Competency Building: Redefining L&D for Future :

Topics covered : Projected Skill Sets of the T20 Workforce; Changes in Learning Styles; Technology in Learning and Development; What should HR Learn and Teach? Future HR Competencies; Readiness and Preparedness of HR for Future L&D

Technology, Machine Learning and AI are going to debunk the learning myths and redefine the epistemological mandates and consequently, there is a need to reframe and redesign the learning systems and processes in organizations. Whether the future learning and re-skilling requirement is virtual learning or gamification, HR specialists need to create a dynamic learning environment in which employees are constantly acquiring new skills to help their employer stay competitive. They must also anticipate the future learning needs of the workforce, including skilling needs of current workers and needs of workers the company has not yet recruited foreseeing the technological innovations.

Learning and technology go hand in hand. As high-tech innovations accelerate, so does the opportunity to create better corporate learning programs and delivery methods. Organizations might need personalized training that incorporates cutting-edge technology, supports professional development and encourages employee engagement. More than ever, training is effectively providing skills that match the way people learn in a high-tech world. The knowledge, skills and competency acquired and applied by employees are shared freely in a learning culture, creating a sustainable and adaptable organization.

Industry 4.0 & Future of HR

Re-Aligning Workforce & Workplace for the Decade T20-T30

Changes are integral to every field and therefore, management of industry and business, especially its unique pillar viz. HR cannot stay aloof from them. Business ecosystem has been witnessing rapid and unpredictable transformation every now and then and it has deconstructed and metamorphosed, beyond imagination, the way HR has been managed for the purpose of business.