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Reappraising the Performance Appraisal System for the Future :

Topics covered : Withering Away of the Performance Management System; Demolition of the Bell Curve; Potential Appraisal, Self-appraisal and Feed-forward; HCM; Developing Future Performance Appraisal Systems for the Digital Workforce

Major corporations across the globe, recently have ditched their annual performance reviews and set off a sea change in the world of performance management. The practice of traditional annual performance reviews is finally being abandoned, given the fact that the world of work looks very different than it did when performance appraisals rose to prominence in the past. The current approach to performance management, with ratings, annual reviews and sporadic feedback, fails to reward or encourage consistent high achievement while simultaneously failing to solve low performance. The time consuming, subjective and frustrating traditional performance appraisal system that had little correlation between individual ratings and actual business results has been dumped, as modern neuroscience research has revealed that performance appraisals put the employee on the defensive and monetary performance incentives reduces creativity. New systems are being developed and they help give the employees the ongoing reflection necessary to continue to learn, grow, evolve and become their best self. Evolving designs like self-appraisal and performance motivation system create an environment that would allow employees to understand their role, believe they are making a difference in their company and desire to excel every single day as it is empowering to score oneself and see where one needs to rise up and celebrate areas of excellence and also because the system is rooted firmly in a culture of accountability based on company values. Continuous coaching and feedback will become the norm.

Industry 4.0 & Future of HR

Re-Aligning Workforce & Workplace for the Decade T20-T30

Changes are integral to every field and therefore, management of industry and business, especially its unique pillar viz. HR cannot stay aloof from them. Business ecosystem has been witnessing rapid and unpredictable transformation every now and then and it has deconstructed and metamorphosed, beyond imagination, the way HR has been managed for the purpose of business.