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Challenges of Managing Employee Relations in the Next Decade :

Topics covered : Future of Industrial Relations; Predictions in Employee-Employer Relations; Trade Unions in the Next Decade; Future Negotiations in a Tech World

Industrial Relations is one area of HRM that has witnessed drastic and unexpected changes in the last couple of decades ever since the liberalization of economic policies in our country. The changes that has taken place and that are on the anvil, both in the work environment as well as in the workforce profile, will have its immediate ramifications on the management-employee relationship and that in turn will, reshape the needs, priorities, demands and concerns of all the stake holders of IR/ER. A workforce, that is by and large, becoming part of the middle class, is going to be technically skilled and a workplace that is going to be technologically enabled would pose a huge challenge of meeting the individual and collective demands pertaining to fixing their compensation and benefits, incentives and other rewards. It remains to be seen the kind of negotiation strategies that would evolve and be used by future IR managers in bringing about reconciliation between individual aspirations and expectations of the digital workforce and business demands of the technology-driven entrepreneurs.

Industry 4.0 & Future of HR

Re-Aligning Workforce & Workplace for the Decade T20-T30

Changes are integral to every field and therefore, management of industry and business, especially its unique pillar viz. HR cannot stay aloof from them. Business ecosystem has been witnessing rapid and unpredictable transformation every now and then and it has deconstructed and metamorphosed, beyond imagination, the way HR has been managed for the purpose of business.