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Redefining the HR-Business Connect for the Future :

Topics covered : Emerging Role of HR in Business Success; Redefining HR-Business Relationship in the Technology age; The Business of HR Function; Mutual Expectations of Business Leaders and HR Leaders

It has not been long ago when business managers used to talk figuratively with regard to HR outcomes. But now, in the post-digitalized scenario, data seem to speak the 'real' truth. If there is a path breaking initiative in HR in the recent years, it is the Quant/Digital/Tech HR. Measurement is no more alien to HR. How long can HR remain aloof or stay afloat escaping measurement when everything else in organizations is measured? Data, numerals, math, matrices and analytics have already defined the order of the day in HR functions. In the technology age, the business will look to HR for answers. Businesses will demand greater rigor from HR and this will underpin HR's transition from data and analytics to AIā€“driven HR. This will also require HR professionals to be more numerate, statistically able, digitally capable and machine savvy. Successful HR teams will own this as a core competence and will not outsource this activity.

Also in the future, role of HR as business partners will continue to transform. There are emerging business issues where HR can and will contribute value. The future for HR is filled with both challenges and opportunities as HR professionals as business partners will continue to deliver value and help businesses manage the enormously difficult and exciting challenges ahead.

Industry 4.0 & Future of HR

Re-Aligning Workforce & Workplace for the Decade T20-T30

Changes are integral to every field and therefore, management of industry and business, especially its unique pillar viz. HR cannot stay aloof from them. Business ecosystem has been witnessing rapid and unpredictable transformation every now and then and it has deconstructed and metamorphosed, beyond imagination, the way HR has been managed for the purpose of business.