Special Session

The ‘Business’ of Happiness

Work, in reality, like all other aspects of life, is likely to make us feel a wide range of emotions. If our job feels depressing and meaningless, it might be because it is depressing and meaningless. Pretending otherwise can just make it worse. Happiness, of course, is a great thing to experience, but nothing that can be willed into existence. And maybe the less we seek to actively pursue happiness through our jobs, the more likely we will be to actually experience a sense of joy in them - a joy which is spontaneous and pleasurable, and not constructed and oppressive. But most importantly, we will be better equipped to cope with work in a sober manner. To see it for what it is and not as we - whether executives, employees, or business leaders - pretend that it is. The relationship between happiness among the human resources and business excellence is undisputed. What remains to be known is the way in which the organizations could create a genre of happy people in their workplaces.

Business excellence is an outcome of a successful combination of the right resources utilized at the right time, at the right context and in the right manner. Let's explore ways and mean to make our work place a – La La Land, A Happy land!