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Technology, Data & the Organization

Truth and data are synonymous ! It is true for the managerial world as well. It has not been long ago when managers used to talk figuratively with regard to HR outcomes. But now, in the post globalized scenario, data seem to speak the 'real' truth. If there is a path breaking initiative in HR in the recent years it is the Quant/Digital HR. Measurement is no more alien to HR. How long can HR remain aloof or stay afloat escaping measurement when everything else in organizations is measured? Data, numerals, math, matrices and analytics define the order of the day in HR functions today. Gone are the days when 'true lies' were used to manipulate the workforce. Now they have been digitally emancipated and enlightened. When each and every activity of the productive sphere turn out to be data driven, elation and exultation come from doing the task banking on data. Smart data are bound to make the job a delightful one, the workers exuberant and the workplace thriving.

Business excellence is an outcome of a successful combination of the right resources utilized at the right time, at the right context and in the right manner. Let's explore ways and mean to make our work place a – La La Land, A Happy land!