Sub Theme

Designing Performance Outcomes for Enhanced Learning and Development

Research has, beyond doubt, established the relationship between happiness and productive efforts on the part of people. Though happy workers need not be the most productive workers, the relationship between the two is not a myth that can be sidelined in toto. Moreover, practical wisdom suggests that the role of happiness cannot be undermined in the task of creating a high-performing clan of employees in organizations. What happy workers can deliver has to be elucidated and they are to be metamorphosed into measurable outcomes. The Learning and Development efforts of the organization have to be designed in such a way that they get attuned to making the workforce, performance savvy and that, in turn, bring about the desired level of happiness for the workers. Any performance outcome that is devoid of an element of self-contentment for the performer is bound to fail unless and until rebuilt and redesigned to incorporate learning and development strategies focused on making work a blissful task.

Business excellence is an outcome of a successful combination of the right resources utilized at the right time, at the right context and in the right manner. Let's explore ways and mean to make our work place a – La La Land, A Happy land!