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Happiness @ Work

Realigning Workforce & Workplace

Success leads to happiness or happiness leads to success? This perplexing issue has long been debated. Research based on real life experiences reveals that there exists a symmetric relationship between happiness and success.

However, in practical life, many of us feel that if we become successful at work, we will automatically become happy. Can't the scenario be reversed? It is important to become happy, which will in turn, help us to be successful.

The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged workforce. Unfortunately, happiness is a concept that is poorly comprehended, inside and outside the workplace. Happiness is the joy we feel striving after our potential. It occurs along the way to achieving one's potential, not just when that potential has been achieved. Leaders of organization need to understand this subtle but significant difference.

Despite a large body of positive psychological research into the relationship between happiness and productivity, happiness at work has traditionally been seen as a potential by-product of positive outcomes at work, rather than a pathway to success in business. During the past two decades, maintaining a level of happiness at work has become more significant and relevant due to the intensification of work caused by economic uncertainty and increased competition. Nowadays, organizations are facing high levels of employee attrition in the competitive economy. Paying high salary without any challenging and career development opportunities make employees feel unhappy at workplace.

In the Indian context, we, being part of the oriental culture, focus on team work rather than individualism and therefore, organizations should focus on maintaining a social support system and better employee-employer relationship within the organization. It is high time that we discuss the need for maintaining a happy work culture within the organization not only for growth and development but for survival as well.

While happiness is not fundamentally rooted in obtaining sensual pleasures and money, those factors can influence the well-being of an individual at the workplace. However, new age research has revealed that freedom at workplace and autonomy have the most positive effect on the employee's levels of happiness as well as gaining knowledge and ability to influence one's individual working styles.

Let's explore ways and mean to make our work place a – La La Land, A Happy land!

Business excellence is an outcome of a successful combination of the right resources utilized at the right time, at the right context and in the right manner. Let's explore ways and mean to make our work place a – La La Land, A Happy land!