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Sub Committees: 2021 - 2023

Name of Sub-committee Team Members & Primary Assignments
Learning, Development & MDP Committee Mr. G. Anilkumar (Actionrich)

Dr. K. Anilkumar
Mr. Hemant H Bahura
Mr. Vinod S

Legal Update, HR Updates, Training programs, Monthly Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Skill Development activities etc..
Research, Publications and Consultancy Committee Mr. G. Anilkumar (ATL)

Mr. N.K. Ajeshkumar
Mr. Manoj Menon
Mr. Saji V Mathew

Research work and its publication, Kerala Personnel, Book reviews, Consultancy and Recruitment works etc...
Public Relations, Recognitions and Liaisoning Committee Mr. Suresh Varghese

Mr. Johnson Mathew
Mr. P.T. George
Dr. Manoj Mathew
Mr. Jayarajan V
Mr. K. Srijith

Public Relations, Liaisoning with Govt, Academic Institutions, Labour authorities and other Bodies, Recognition of achievements in the HR, IR, CSR fields, Membership drives, increasing visibility in media/social media etc...
Innovative Programs Committee Ms. Kshama Sandeep

Dr. Ranjana Mary Varghese
Ms. Anuradha Subramanian
Ms. Remya Ravi
Ms. Rajasree R
Adv. Bejoy K Thomas
Mr. Martin Jacob

HR Tech initiatives, Quiz, Contests, Innovative programs like Lawgorithm, LauncHeR, Knowledge-Hunt, Family Group activities etc...

Endowment Fund

NIPM Family Forum has evolved a scheme for recognizing the academic achievements of individual members' children every year through an 'endowment fund'. The fund is being mobilized by the contributions of members and interest accrued from the fund will be utilised for meeting the expenses of the recognition. On the AGM day, all individual members' children who have secured 80 % or more marks in 10th standard examinations under SSLC/CBSE/ICSE streams will be given recognition. Under each stream, first and second topper in the examinations will be given special recognition and all others will be given merit recognition.


NIPM Kerala Chapter, every honour the Achievers in various Academic Sections like –

A) Zacharia Memorial Award for First Rank Holder in MHRM Conducted by M.G. University.

B) KRC Nayar Memorial Award – For 2nd Rank Holder in MHRM Conducted by M.G. University

C) M. Sulaiman Memorial Awards for achievers High School / Plus2 / Degree / Post Graduates etc for Children of NIPM Members.

D) The above award includes Cash prize, Individual Mementos and Certificate of Merits.


NIPM Kerala Chapter every year honour One HR Professional from among the member of Kerala Chapter as “Outstanding HR Manager of the Year” for his outstanding contribution to the Profession and the Institute. The award includes Memento, Certificate of Merit and Cash Award.

NIPM Student Chapters

NIPM has started forming Student Chapters at various B-Schools all over India. The Guidelines for forming Student Chapter is given below: The Fee for Student Membership is @ 300/- plus GST @ 18% per head. A Minimum of 20 Student Memberships are required for forming a Student Chapter.

After completing the Student Membership formalities, the Student Members can arrange an inaugural session of the Student Chapter at their premises in which NIPM representatives will also attend and interact with the students. Membership Certificates to the Students will also be distributed during the inaugural session.


Operational Guidelines for Student Chapters

A. Title and Applicability

These guidelines shall be called as Operational Guidelines for Student Chapters of NIPM. They shall be applicable to all existing and well as upcoming Student Chapters. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide a framework for uniform functioning of Student Chapters of National Institute of Personnel Management.

B. Definitions

In these guidelines, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:

1. ‘Institute’ shall mean the ‘National Institute of Personnel Management’

2. ‘Student Chapter’ shall mean a Chapter formed exclusively for students within the jurisdictional area of an NIPM Chapter which is duly approved by the Executive committee of the NIPM chapter.

3. ‘NIPM Chapter’ shall mean Chapter as defined under the constitution of National Institute of Personnel management.

4. ‘Student’ shall mean a student of any academic institution situated within the jurisdictional area of an NIPM chapter who is pursuing a post graduate level degree or diploma course in humanities. A student pursing a similar course in distance mode shall also be considered as student provided he/ she belongs to the jurisdictional area of an NIPM Chapter.

5. ‘Jurisdictional area’ shall mean the jurisdictional area of an NIPM chapter as defined under the Constitution of NIPM.

6. ‘Constitution’ shall mean the Constitution of NIPM as amended from time to time.

7. ‘Membership’ shall mean student membership as defined under the Constitution.

C. Objectives

The key objectives of a student chapter are:

1. To organise into an association of all students to undertake learning projects leading to development of critical professional capabilities by sourcing the expertise of NIPM.

2. To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and key learning and collection and dissemination of information on management in general and Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Labour Laws and Labour Welfare in particular.

3. To acquire and spread ‘Applied Knowledge’ along with theoretical knowledge on the principles, techniques and methods of Human Resource management, industrial relations, labour laws and labour welfare.

Activities to be undertaken at NIPM Student Chapter

  • Organizing Seminars, Workshops on HR concepts & practices
  • Organizing Industry visits
  • Arranging Evening Talks by practicing Managers and Professionals
  • Formation of Study Groups around themes like PMS, T & D, Hiring etc. to bring innovative ideas for NIPM Knowledge Management Initiative
  • Arranging Learning Project for groups
  • Providing Mentoring services through NIPM Mentors and Experts
  • Organizing competitions for professional article writings, Case studies, Debates etc. and for publication in NIPM Newsletter and Journal.
  • Encouraging writing of Blogs for publication in NIPM Blogs
  • Organizing Management Quiz Programme
  • Formation of Teams for undertaking study of Current / Contemporary Business and Governance issues
  • Special Training on Soft skills, Personality Development, Emotional Intelligence etc.
  • Providing guidance for career opportunities, organizing job fair etc.
  • Providing guidance for effectively participating in group discussion, job interviews, Psychometric tests etc.