The Course

In view of its emphasis on professional excellence and wide network throughout the country, the Govt. of India as well as almost all the states of the country look at NIPM as a body of expert in the vital area of management of Human Resources. NIPM has also been conducting academic conferring Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (PGDPM) since 1978.


The duration of the course is two years.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should at least be Graduates from a recognized University or its equivalent, with a minimum of 50% marks in the degree examination. In case of Honours degree or Master’s degree as also in case of candidates having 3 years working experience in HR profession or 5 years working experience in Industry or those who are professionally qualified as Chartered/ Costs/Cs/Management Accounts etc. the requirement of 50% of marks may be waived.

The Recognition

The Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management is recognized by Govt. of India for recruitment to superior posts and services under the Central Government and also by the State Governments of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Punjab, Orissa for recruitment of Welfare officers.

The PGDPM courses is also recognized by the Universities of Bihar , Andhra and Kerala as equivalent to Master Degree. PGDPM awarded by NIPM is recognized by most organizations and considered as requisite qualification for promotion up the ladder in the hierarchy. There are several persons all over India passed out from NIPM who are occupying senior managerial positions in different organizations public/private/multi-national organizations.


Prospectus including application forms is available from the National Office by sending a Demand Draft for Rs. 550/- (including postage) drawn in favour of National Institute of Personnel Management-DPM Trust payable at Kolkata. Prospectus is also available from our NIPM Kerala office against payment of Rs. 500/- in cash.

Course Fee

Total Course fee for two years is 18,000/- in one time payment to be paid along with the application form or Rs.10,000/- each in two installments with six months interval.

Examination Fee

The examination fee is Rs.200/- for each paper. The examination fee and course fee once paid to the Institute will be neither refunded nor transferred under any circumstances.

The PGDPM course is of two years duration into four semesters. The candidates will be required to take papers in one semester in accordance with the following schedule showing paper numbers with their subjects, marks each paper carries and the semesters to which each paper is earmarked.


Semester Paper Subject Marks Examination Duration
1st I Managerial Economics & Business Environment 100 3 Hours
  II Organisational Behaviour 100 3 Hours
  III Quantitative Methods & Social Research 100 3 Hours
2nd IV Principles and Practices of Management 100 3 Hours
  V Personnel Management 100 3 Hours
  VI Industrial Relations and Labour Laws 100 3 Hours
3rd VII Management of Human Resources 100 3 Hours
  VIII Development of Human Resources 100 3 Hours
  IX IT & E-Business 100 3 Hours
4th X Strategic Management 100 3 Hours
  XI Research Project Paper 100  
  XII Viva Voce Test 100  

Important Information

A candidate may take the failed / back papers, if any, with the fresh three papers of the subsequent semester paying examination fees for the failed/ back papers at the prescribed rates.

Candidates after having passed in all the written papers of 1st to 3rd semester will have to prepare a Research Project Paper (RPP), which is one of the three subjects in the last semester of the Course for the Post Graduate Diploma in Personal Management Examination and submit the RPP within the date of last semester examination. The viva voce test will be held normally in March and September each year. Necessary guidelines for preparation of the RPP are available in the prospectus.

Validity of Registration

The registration of a candidate shall remain valid for five years.

Qualifying Marks

Minimum marks fixed for passing any paper are 50 percent.

Medium of Examination

The medium of examination is English only.

Some important dates of the PGDPM examination

Admission July & January
Supply of Study Materials August & February
Semester Examinations December & June
Publication of Semester results March & September
Last date of Submission of Examination Application form for already registered students 15th April & 15th October
Submission of Research Project Paper January & July
Viva voce test March & October
Final Results April & November