Individual Membership (Corporate & Life)

The Membership of NIPM is a recognition of the high standards of your professional attainments and your commitment to the causes and furtherance of professionalism in the management and development of human resources to which NIPM is devoted it gives you a change to establish valuable contacts with Fellow Members exchange ideas and information, and represent issues of common concern at local and national forums. You are entitled to a wide range of services and development activities directed towards enhancement of your professional skills. You are also entitled, as a Member of NIPM to:

  • Attend and participate in the meetings, discussions, lectures, film shows and such other programs which are organized by the Institute or its Chapters
  • Participate at concessional rates in the management training and development programs organized by NIPM or its Regions and Chapters.
  • Copy of the Institute’s half-yearly journal “Personnel Today” to be given free of charges and Institute’s “NIPM e-Newsletter” to be provided in NIPM Website (
  • A copy of the journal, newsletter, bulletin or such other publications brought out by the concerned Chapter free of charge i.e. Kerala Personnel Quarterly/Annual Issues.
  • The use of Library / Information Centre at NIPM National Office and / or at the concerned Chapter
  • NIPM Membership is transferrable anywhere in India upon specific written request from the concerned Member.
  • Use of State-of-the-Art NIPM Conference Halls at Kochi for your organization’s Meetings/Discussions / Trainings at very attractive & reasonable charges
  • Exchange of ideas thoughts through NIPM’s various Social Media platforms
  • Voting right to Corporate & Life Members to choose Executive Authorities at National & Chapter Level during the Biennial Elections or contest the Election for any position as per constitution.

Institutional Membership

Any Central or any state Government or any local self Government or corporate or any Educational Institution is eligible for Institutional Membership. While applying for Institutional Membership, the organization can nominate Two of its Officers to represent the respective organization in NIPM. After becoming Institutional Member by educational organization, they are entitled to arrange Interactive Session of your Students with our 3 to 4 Senior HR Professionals once in a year at your premises for duration of 2 to 3 hours. The member organization can also arrange HR Conferences/Conclaves in association with NIPM and are entitled for using NIPM Logo with prior approval. Membership Form for Individual/Institutional Membership along with the Fee structure is attached.


For admission to corporate membership, an individual should posses the qualification as at above, and in addition, should have

  • At least three years' practical experience in any assignment in personnel management/industrial relations /labour welfare, if he/she has a degree or diploma in any of the above three streams, or at least five years' practical experience in case of a degree or its equivalent in any other stream; and
  • Be holding a managerial or administrative or staff training position in any industrial, trading or commercial organization and be dealing mainly with personnel management or industrial relations or labour welfare or any branch or any aspect of them; or be working as Adviser /Consultant to an industrial training, commercial or employers' organization and be dealing mainly with personnel management or industrial relations or labour welfare or any branch or any aspect of them; or be engaged as a full time teacher in personnel management or industrial relations or labour welfare in a recognized educational institution.


Any individual who is eligible to become a corporate member or who is already a corporate member may become a Life member by making payment of Rs. 5,000/-.


An individual who is undergoing a recognised course, either for a degree or diploma, in personnel management or industrial relations or labour welfare, may be admitted to student membership.


The central or any state government or an local self government body or any of their departments or any statutory body or corporation, statutory or otherwise, or any organisation or any institution or an association, whether incorporated or not, which subscribes to and is interested in furtherance of the objects of the institute is eligible for institutional membership.

  • Every person admitted to any class of membership of NIPM shall be liable to follow in his/her professional practice, as a member in any rank of management, the code of ethics of the institute and shall also make a genuine attempt to adhere to the standards laid down in the code in all his/her dealings.
  • Every person admitted to any class of membership of NIPM shall conduct himself/herself in such a manner as to preserve NIPM's image and dignity and shall not misuse authority or office for personal gain and self-interest.
  • Every member will be liable to pay the appropriate annual subscription which becomes due and payable before 1st April every year.
  • Any member not clearing up his/her annual subscription within three months of the commencement of the year i.e. 30th June, shall be treated as a defaulter. If the defaulter fails to clear up their subscriptions latest by 30th September, their names are liable to be removed from membership.
  • A person removed from the membership of the Institute may be readmitted as a member in the same class to which he/she belonged previously, by the Council, on an application made by him/her on that behalf, provided he/she clears up all arrear subscriptions before he/she can be readmitted by the Council.
  • A member shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Institute on his/her death, or if he/she withdraws his/her membership or if he/she is adjudicated by a competent court to be of unsound mind or is convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude. A Student member shall cease to be such member immediately on cessation of his/her studies for the course for a degree or diploma on the basis of which he/she was admitted to membership.
  • The Council may, after due investigation, suspend for any period any member from the membership of the Institute for any act of omission or commission which is in violation of the memorandum and regulations or is against the interest of the Institute or constitutes neglect or refusal to abide by any regulations and by-laws of the Institute or the concerned chapter, or is likely to bring discredit to the Institute, provided that no member shall be suspended unless he/she has been given an opportunity to explain his/her conduct. A suspended member shall cease to be entitled to the benefits and rights of membership, but he/she shall have a right to appeal against such decision to the general body of the Institute in a general meeting immediately followed such suspension provided he/she files the memorandum of appeal with the general secretary within sixty days of his/her suspension.
  • Any member may be expelled from the Institute by the general body, provided that such decision is taken by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a general meeting held for the purpose and the member proposed to be expelled has been given an opportunity to explain the charges leveled against him/her.
Individual Membership - (w.e.f. 01-04-2015) Admission Fee Membership Fee Total Fee Payable along with Application
Corporate (Individual) (Annual) 500/- 1000/- 1500+GST @ 18% = Rs.1,770/-
Life (Individual) (One time payment) 1000/- 9000/- 10000+GST @ 18% = Rs11,800/-
Student Membership (For 2 Years) 100/- 200/- 300+GST @ 18% = Rs.354/-(For 2 years) per Student
Note: Corporate Membership is to be renewed every year latest by 30th June by paying Membership Fee +GST at applicable rate.
a) Payment of Fee for Corporate/Life Membership: Cheque/dd in favour of "National Institute of Personnel Management", Payable at KOLKATA, or through Bank.

b) Payment of Fee for Student Membership: By Cheque/dd in favour of “National Institute of Personnel Management (Kerala Chapter)”, payable at KOCHI, or through Bank.
NIPM National Council Bank Details
Institutional Membership (Organizations) Admission Fee Membership Fee Total Fee
Organization with manpower 500 & above 8,000/- 36,000/- 44000+GST @ 18% = Rs.51,920/-
Organization with Manpower less than 500 5,000/- 24,000/- 29000+GST @ 18%= Rs.34,220/-
Educational Institutions 3,000/- 12,000/- 15000+GST @ 18% = Rs.17,700/-
Note: Institutional Membership: Renewal once in 3 years by paying Membership Fee + GST at applicable Rate
Cheque / dd to be drawn in favour of National Institute of Personnel Management, Payable at KOLKATA, or through Bank.
NIPM National Council Bank Details
Online Application Form
I) ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS General Education (copy of certificate required)

Starting from graduation only :

II) ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS Profesional Education (copy of certificate required)

*In Personnel Management, Industrial Relation, Labour Welfare and/or other allied subjects only :

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